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Program Minisymposium 2019

We have received so far the following topics (among others):

Chao Sun (ENS, Paris, France): The effects of the biphasic saturation on the elastic moduli of sandstone

Laura Paci, Einar Madsen Storebø, Tobias Orlander, Ivanka Bekkevold, Ida Fabricius (Technical University of Danemark): Orlander et al.: Including temperature in the effective stress equation; Paci et al.: thermal conductivity of Cenozoic limestone from Denmark; Storebø et al.: Thermal conductivity of chalk.

Mathilde Adelinet, Cedric Bailly (IFPEN, Paris, France): Cedric Baily et al: Upscaling of elastic properties in continental carbonates, a modeling approach based on a multi-scale geophysical dataset; Mathilde Adelinet et al.: Effective medium modeling of diagenesis impact on the elastic velocities in carbonates.

Mats Brun (University of Bergen, Norway): Upscaling and analysis of coupled geomechanics, flow, and heat in a quasi-static poroelastic medium

Sadegh Karimpouli (University of Zanjan, Iran): Karimpouli et al.: Estimation of 3D elastic parameters from 2D images; Karimpouli et al: Deep Learning methods in digital rock physics: segmentation and parameter estimation