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Program Minisymposium 2020

You can submit your contribution (only the title and the author list is needed) to Erik H. Saenger.


(so far; please send your contribution now!)

  • Quantifying reaction-induced stresses for hydration reactions in natural rock using HR-EBSD and chemical-mechanical simulations.
    by Stefan Schmalholz (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Oliver Plümper (U Utrecht, Netherlands) and Evangelos Moulas (U Mainz, Germany)
  • Step wise progression of Mode I cracks in porous media: Experiment and XFEM-simulation.
    by Jingqian Ding and Jacques M. Huyghe (University of Limerick, Ireland)
  • Squirt flow based on digital rock physics.
    by Simon Lissa and Beatriz Quintal (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)