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Publications 2021

  • Kruszewski, M., Hofmann H., Alvarez F.G., Bianco, C., Haro, A.J., Garduno, V.H., Liotta, D., Trumpy, E., Brogi, A, Wheeler, W., Bastesen, E., Parisio, F. and Saenger, E.H., 2021. Integrated Stress Field Estimation and Implications for Enhanced Geothermal System Development in Acoculco, Mexico, Geothermics, 89, 101931. Go to article
  • Kruszewski, M., Glissner, M., Hahn, S. and Wittig, V., 2021. Alkali-activated aluminosilicate sealing system for deep high-temperature well applications, Geothermics, 89, 101935. Go to article