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Publications 2021

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  • Finger, C and Saenger, E.H., 2021. Determination of the time-dependent moment tensor using time-reverse imaging, Geophysics, Go to article
  • Finger, C., Saydak, L., Vu, G., Timothy, J.J., Meschke, G., and Saenger, E.H, 2021, Sensitivity of Ultrasonic Coda Wave Interferometry to Material Damage—Observations from a Virtual Concrete Lab. Materials, 14, 4033. Go to article
  • Ikeda, K., Subramaniyan, S., Quintal, B., Goldfarb, E.J., Saenger, E.H., and Tisato N., 2021. Low-Frequency Elastic Properties of a Polymineralic Carbonate: Laboratory Measurement and Digital Rock Physics, Front. Earth Sci., Go to article
  • Karimpouli, S., Tahmasebi, P., and Saenger, E.H., 2021. Ultrasonic prediction of crack density using machine learning: A numerical investigation, Geoscience Frontiers, 101277, Go to article
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  • Tisato, N., Madonna, C. and Saenger, E.H., 2021. Attenuation of Seismic Waves in Partially Saturated Berea Sandstone as a Function of Frequency and Confining Pressure, Front. Earth Sci., Go to article