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Interdisciplinary and International

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The Rock Physics Network (ROCKETH) is an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers combining expertise in numerical modeling, lab-measurements, field-investigations, and statistics to better understand the physical properties of fully or partially fluid-saturated porous and fractured rocks. It was founded 2011 at ETH Zurich. Now we are located in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Iran, UK and the US. Visit our team


We organize yearly the Minisymposium on Poroelasticity. This is our main platform to exchange scientific ideas among us and it is open to everybody. Feel invited! Check out the most recent event

Basic Research

We are one of the most active basic research groups worldwide to investigate and explore modern theoretical concepts and methods in the field of rock physics. One of our main strengths is the combination of laboratory and digital rock physics. We develop and apply both laboratory equipment and numerical algorithms, which allows us to perform more thorough research and to better calibrate our results. Browse our publications


We can apply our methods and knowledge to hydrocarbon reservoirs, gas-storage sites, nuclear waste deposits, hydrothermal facilities, CO2-sequestration, gas-hydrates, and engineering materials, such as concrete. Browse our publications


We are now seeking for new partners to provide us with industry-related rock physics challenges. Contact us