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Journal Publications 2005

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  • Ebinger T., Steeb H. and Diebels S., 2005: Modeling and homogenization of foams, Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science 12, 49–63.
  • Ebinger T., Steeb H. and Diebels S., 2005: Modeling macroscopic extended continua with the aid of numerical homogenization schemes, Computational Materials Science 32, 337–347. Go to article
  • Krüger O.S., Saenger E.H. and Shapiro S.A., 2005: Scattering and diffraction by a single crack: An accuracy analysis of the rotated staggered grid, Geophysical Journal International 162, 25–31. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Shapiro S.A. and Keehm Y., 2005: Seismic effects of viscous Biot-coupling: Finite difference simulations on micro-scale, Geophysical Research Letters 32, L14310. Go to article