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Journal Publications 2023

  • Pang, M., Ba, J., Deng, J., Müller, T.M., Saenger, E.H., 2023, Rock-Physics Template Based on Differential Diagenesis for the Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoirs. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Go to article
  • Siegert, M., Gurris, M., Lebedev, M., & Saenger, E. H., 2023, Numerical modeling of the permeability in Bentheim sandstone under confining pressure, Geophysics, Volume 88, Pages MR1–MR14, Go to article
  • Teutsch, T., Gönninger, L., Ruf, M., Steeb, H. and Ressel, W., 2023, Microstructural characterisation and analysis of coarse aggregates in asphalt drill cores, Road Materials and Pavement Design, Pages 1 - 23, 10.1080/14680629.2022.2164333. Go to article