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Journal Publications 2023

  • Pang, M., Ba, J., Deng, J., Müller, T.M., Saenger, E.H., 2023, Rock-Physics Template Based on Differential Diagenesis for the Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoirs. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Go to article
  • Siegert, M., Gurris, M., Lebedev, M., & Saenger, E. H., 2023, Numerical modeling of the permeability in Bentheim sandstone under confining pressure, Geophysics, Volume 88, Pages MR1–MR14, Go to article
  • Teutsch, T., Gönninger, L., Ruf, M., Steeb, H. and Ressel, W., 2023, Microstructural characterisation and analysis of coarse aggregates in asphalt drill cores, Road Materials and Pavement Design, Pages 1 - 23, 10.1080/14680629.2022.2164333. Go to article
  • Finger, C., Roth, M. P., Dietl, M., Gotowik, A., Engels, N., Harrington, R. M., Knapmeyer-Endrun, B., Reicherter, K., Oswald, T., Reinsch, T., and Saenger, E. H., 2023, The Weisweiler passive seismological network: optimised for state-of-the-art location and imaging methods. Earth System Science Data, Volume 15, Pages 2655–2666, Go to article
  • Kruszewski, M., Montegrossi, G., and Saenger, E.H., 2023, The risk of fluid-injection-induced fault reactivation in carbonate reservoirs: an investigation of a geothermal system in the Ruhr region (Germany). Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources, Volume 9, article number 38, Go to article
  • Karadimitriou, N., Valavanidis, M.S., Mouravas, G. and Steeb, H., 2023, Flow-dependent relative permeability scaling for steady-state two-phase flow in porous media: Laboratory validation on a microfluidic network. Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts, Volume 64, Pages 656-679, Go to article
  • Ruf, M., Lee, D. and Steeb, H., 2023, A multifunctional mechanical testing stage for micro x-ray computed tomography. RSI, Volume 94, Issue 8, Go to article
  • Dastjerdi, S.V., Karadimitriou, N., Hassanizadeh, S.M. and Steeb, H., 2023, Experimental evaluation of fluid connectivity in two-phase flow in porous media. Advances in Water Resources, Volume 172, Go to article
  • Schmidt, P., Steeb, H. and Renner, J., 2023, Diagnosing hydro-mechanical effects in subsurface fluid flow through fracture. Pure and Applied Geophysics, Volume 180, Pages 2841–2860, Go to article
  • Gao, H., Tatomir, A.B., Karadimitriou, N., Steeb, H. and Sauter, M., 2023, Reservoir characterization by push-pull tests employing kinetic interface sensitive tracers - a pore-scale study for understanding large-scale processes. Advances in Water Resources, Volume 174, Go to article
  • Hasan, S.N., Niasar, V., Karadimitriou, N., da Assuncao Godinho, J.R., Vo, N.T., An, S., Rabbani, A., Lee, D. and Steeb, H., 2023, Characterization of unsaturated solute transport with X-ray synchrotron microtomography. Album of Porous Media, Pages 74, Go to article
  • Ruf, M., Karadimitriou, N. and Steeb, H., 2023, Visualization of the uniaxial compression of open-cell foams. Album of Porous Media, Pages 117, Go to article
  • Kolditz, O., Yoshioka, K., Cajuhi, T., Günther R.-M., Steeb, H., Wuttke, F. and Nagel, T., 2023, GeomInt—Discontinuities in Geosystems From Lab to Field Scale. Go to article
  • Taghizadeh, K., Ruf, M., Luding, S. and Steeb, H., 2023, X-ray 3D imaging–based microunderstanding of granular mixtures: Stiffness enhancement by adding small fractions of soft particles. PNAS, Volume 120, Number 26, Go to article
  • Taghizadeh, K., Luding, S. and Steeb, H., 2023, Granular mixtures with tailored effective properties. Calm, Smooth and Smart, Volume 102, Pages 325-347, Go to article
  • Lee, D., Weinhardt, F., Hommel, J., Piotrowski, H., Class, H. and Steeb, H., 2023, Machine learning assists in increasing the time resolution of X-ray computed tomography applied to mineral precipitation in porous media. Scientific Reports, Volume 13, Go to article
  • Humbert, A., Gross, D., Sondershaus, R., Müller, R., Steeb, H., Braun, M., Brauchle, J., Stebner, K. and Rückamp, R., 2023, Fractures in glaciers—Crack tips and their stress fields by observation and modelling. PAAM, e202300260, Go to article