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Program Minisymposium 2024

Time Who
09:10 Erik H. Saenger Welcome / Introduction
09:20 Beatriz Quintal (University of Lausanne - CH) and Yury Alkhimenkov (MIT - US)
Attenuation and dispersion caused by squirt flow: Experimental, analytical and numerical approaches
09:45 Anna-Maria Eckel (GFZ Potsdam - DE) Multi-Phase Flow in Geological Porous Media: Application to Underground Storage of CO2 and H2
10:10 - 11:30   Posters & Coffee break
Marie Violay (EPF Lausanne - CH)
Permeability evolution and strain partitioning at the brittle to ductile transition: implication for deep earthquakes and geothermal energy
11:55 Samuel Chapman (ENS Paris - FR) 
Dynamic poroelasticity of a fluid saturated fractured rock - Experimental evidence of fluid pressure diffusion
12:20 - 14:30   Lunch & Posters
14:30 Pietro de Anna (University of Lausanne - CH) and Nolwenn Delouche (University of Lausanne - CH)
The importance of porous media structure on flow conditions
14:55 Ismael Falcon Suarez (NOC - UK)
Joint elastic-electrical properties of Bunter sandstone during H2 and CO2 flow-through tests
15:20 Eva Caspari (Montanuniversitaet Leoben - AT) and Zhenya Zhou (University of Lausanne - CH)
Geophysical signatures of fractured rocks
15:45 - 17:30   Posters & Coffee break

Poster contributions:

Ida Fabricius (DTU): Using rock physics to model frame decline and CO2 saturation during core flooding

Ermis Proestakis (DTU): Electrical properties of fine sediments

Alexei Stovas (NTNU): Gaussian curvature of the slowness surfaces in anisotropic media

Mirko Siegert (HSBO): Development of a parallelized conductivity solver for digital rock physics applications

Martin Balcewicz (HSBO): Deep Geothermal Reservoirs in the Ruhr Area: Dolomitization's Impact on Digital Rock Physics

Patrick Kurzeja (TU Dortmund) and Beatriz Quintal (UNIL): Harnessing local flow in structures with architected instabilities for attenuation at low frequencies

Yirong Wang (UNIL): Theoretical Characterization of Dispersion and Attenuation in Multi-Scale Fractured Reservoirs

Haidi Yang (UNIL): Poro-acoustoelasticity FD simulation of elastic wave propagation in prestressed porous media

Giao Vu (RUB): A virtual concrete lab for ultrasonic based damage analysis

Marco Fazio (U Goettingen): Permeability evolution of intact and fractured Bentheim Sandstone at georeservoir conditions

Erik H. Saenger (HSBO): Modeling attenuation in porous media: Snapshot of the work in progress

L. Pimienta and B. Quintal: A new laboratory at UNIL equipped with the ET cell to measure Elastic and fluid Transport properties in rocks

L. Pimienta B. Quintal and M. Violay: Measurements of amplitude-dependent anelastic properties of dry rocks

Haidi Yang (UNIL): Acoustoelasticity Theory and Simulation Fitting of Ultrasonic Experimental Data on Rocks Saturated with Various Fluids

Y. Alkhimenkov (MIT) and B. Quintal (UNIL): Isotropic model for squirt flow

Y. Alkhimenkov (MIT) and Ruben Juanes (MIT): Understanding induced seismicity using graphical processing units (GPUs)

Emil Gallyamov (EPFL): 3D Geomechanical Modelling of a Potential CO2 Storage Site with focus on Fault Stability

Alexandra Kushnir (EPFL): ReSiDue: Redistribution of silica and deposition under a volcanic edifice

Alannah Brett (UNIL): Geological storage of CO2 in Switzerland? Understanding discrete fracture networks and permeability