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Journal Publications 2007

  • Diebels S., Johlitz M., Steeb H., Chatzouridou A., Batal J. and Possart W., 2007: A continuum-based model capturing size effects in polymer bonds, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 62, 34–42. Go to article
  • Ebinger T., Steeb H. and Diebels S., 2007: Numerical homogenization techniques applied to growth and remodelling phenomena, Computational Mechanics 39, 815-830. Go to article
  • Gerner A., Saenger E.H. and Shapiro S.A., 2007: Attenuation of P-waves due to interlayer fluid flow in hydrate-bearing sediments, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 4, 394–402. Go to article
  • Krüger O.S., Saenger E.H., Oates S.J. and Shapiro S.A., 2007: A numerical study on reflection coefficients of fractured media, Geophysics 72, D61–D67. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., 2007: Comment on ‘Comparison of the non-interacting and differential schemes in predicting the effective elastic properties of fractured media’ by V. Grechka, International Journal of Fracture 146, 291–292. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Ciz R., Krüger O.S., Schmalholz S.M., Gurevich B. and Shapiro S.A., 2007: Finite-difference modeling of wave propagation on microscale: A snapshot of the work in progress, Geophysics 72, SM293–SM300. Go to article
  • Steeb H., Diebels S. and Vardoulakis I., 2007: Modelling phase transition processes withinporous media, ASCE Geotechnical Special Publications (GSP) 157. Go to article
  • Zanoth S.R., Saenger E.H., Krüger O.S. and Shapiro S.A., 2007: Leaky mode: A mechanism of horizontal seismic attenuation in a gas-hydrate-bearing sediment, Geophysics 72, E159–E163. Go to article