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Journal Publications 2006

  • Bohlen T. and Saenger E.H., 2006: Accuracy of heterogeneous staggered-grid finite-difference modeling of Rayleigh waves, Geophysics 71, T109–T115. Go to article
  • Chen Z., Steeb H. and Diebels S., 2006: A time-discontinuous Galerkin method for the dynamical analysis of porous media, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 30, 1113–1134. Go to article
  • Ciz R., Saenger E.H. and Gurevich B., 2006: Pore scale numerical modelling of elastic wave dispersion and attenuation in periodic systems of alternating solid and viscous fluid layers, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 120, 642–648. Go to article
  • Frehner M. and Schmalholz S.M., 2006: Numerical simulations of parasitic folding in multilayers, Journal of Structural Geology 28, 1647–1657. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Keehm Y. and Shapiro S.A., 2006: Considerations of the Biot velocity relations: Viscous finite-difference calculations in combination with flow simulations, in High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering ’05 (Eds: Nagel W.E., Resch M. and Jäger W.), Springer Verlag, pp. 279–288, ISBN 978-3-540-28377-5. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Krüger O.S. and Shapiro S.A., 2006: Effective elastic properties of fractured rocks: Dynamic vs. static considerations, International Journal of Fracture 139, 569–576. Go to article