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Program Minisymposium 2012


15-20 min, they will be starting points for discussions:

  • Digital rock physics: Three levels of understanding by Erik H. Saenger
  • Wave induced fluid flow: From numerical bounds to applications by Germán Rubino
  • Attenuation and dispersion, theory and experiments by Yves Guéguen
  • The effect of methane hydrate morphology and water saturation on seismic wave attenuation in sand under shallow sub-seafloor conditions by Angus Best
  • Low frequency attenuation measurements by Claudio Madonna and Nicola Tisato
  • Interpretation of attenuation measurements: Do we "see" mesoscopic flow? by Beatriz Quintal
  • Porosity deformation equation and effective stress coefficients in poroelasticity by Tobias Muller
  • Multi-scale modeling of waves in partially saturated rocks by Holger Steeb


Posters will be displayed close to our meeting room and can be discussed during coffee- and other breaks, as well as during general discussions.

  • Effective poroelastic model for periodic media by Asiya M. Kudarova, K.N. van Dalen and G.G. Drijkoningen
  • Can we calculate shale elastic properties from microstructure? by Frans Kets, Waruntorn Kanitpanyacharoen and Hans-Rudolf Wenk
  • Laboratory monitoring of P-waves in partially saturated sand by Julien Barrière, Clarisse Bordes, Daniel Brito and Pascale Sénéchal
  • On the role of water saturation on the seismoelectric coupling: a laboratory experiment by Pascale Sénéchal, Clarisse Bordes and Julien Barrière
  • Combining laboratory and computational rock physics by Erik H. Saenger, Marcel Frehner, Claudio Madonna, Nicola Tisato, Maria Kuteynikova, Nima Riahi, Paola Sala and Beatriz Quintal
  • Effects of pore fluids and permeability barriers on S-wave attenuation by Beatriz Quintal, Holger Steeb, Marcel Frehner, Erik H. Saenger and Stefan M. Schmalholz
  • Numerical modeling and laboratory measurements of seismic attenuation in partially saturated rocks by Maria Kuteynikova, Nicola Tisato and Beatriz Quintal
  • Reservoir potential of tight rocks from laboratory measurements by Paulina Krakowska
  • Measurements of seismic wave attenuation for frequencies between 0.1 and 100 Hz in a Paterson rig by Claudio Madonna, Nicola Tisato, Claudio Delle Piane and Erik H. Saenger
  • Measurements and mechanisms of seismic wave attenuation in partially saturated rocks by Nicola Tisato, Claudio Madonna and Erik H. Saenger
  • Finte-difference modeling of viscous Biot-coupling: Snapshot of the work in progress by Erik H. Saenger
  • Unraveling seismic attenuation mechanisms in saturated alluvial sediments by M. Milani, J.G. Rubino, L. Baron and K. Holliger
  • Simulation of poro-elastic seismic wave propagation in axis-symmetric open and cased boreholes by Rolf Sidler