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Journal Publications 2018

  • Ahrens, B., M. Duda and J. Renner (2018): Relations between hydraulic properties and ultrasonic velocities during brittle failure of a low-porosity sandstone in laboratory experiments, Geophys. J. Int., 212, 627-645. Go to article
  • Chapman, S. and B. Quintal, 2018, Numerical analysis of local strain measurements in fluid saturated rocks submitted to forced oscillations, Geophysics, 83, MR309–MR316.Go to article
  • Chapman S., Quintal B., Holliger K., Baumgartner L. and Tisato N., 2018: Laboratory measurements of seismic attenuation and Young’s modulus dispersion in a partially and fully water-saturated porous sample made of sintered borosilicate glass, Geophysical Prospecting. Go to article
  • De Waele J., D’Angeli I. M., Bontognali T., Tuccimei P., Scholz D., Jochum K. P., Columbu A., Bernasconi S. M., Fornos J. J., Gonzales E. R. G. and Tisato N., 2018: Speleothems in a north Cuban cave register sea‐level changes and Pleistocene uplift rates, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Go to article
  • Ghobadi J., Elsayed M., Krause-Rehberg R. and Steeb H., 2018: Demonstrating the Influence of Physical Aging on the Functional Properties of Shape-Memory Polymers, Polymers 10, 107. Go to article
  • Ghobadi J., Marquardt A., Zirdehi E. M., Neuking K., Varnik F., Eggeler G. and Steeb H., 2018: The influence of water- and solvent-uptake on functional properties of Shape Memory Polymers, International Journal of Polymer Science 2018, Article ID 7819353. Go to article
  • Hunziker J., Favino M., Caspari E., Quintal B., Rubino J. G., Krause R., and Holliger K., 2018, Seismic attenuation and stiffness modulus dispersion in porous rocks containing stochastic fracture networks, Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, 123, 125-143, doi: 10.1002/2017JB014566. Go to article
  • Karimpouli S., Khoshlesan S., Saenger E. H. and Koochi H. H., 2018, Application of alternative digital rock physics methods in a real case study: a challenge between clean and cemented samples, Geophysical Prospecting, 66(4), 767-783. Go to article
  • Kruszewski M., Wittig V., 2018, Review of failure modes in supercritical geothermal drilling projects, Geothermal Energy, 6:28. Go to article
  • Lavasan A. A., Zhao C., Schaufler A., Steeb H. and Schanz T., 2018: Numerical investigation of the tunneling in saturated soil in construction and operation periods, Acta Geotechnica 13, 671–691. Go to article
  • Löer K., Riahi N. and Saenger E. H., 2018: Three-component ambient noise beamforming in the Parkfield area, Geophysical Journal International 213,1478–1491. Go to article
  • Mollajan A., Memarian H., Quintal B., 2018. Nonlinear rock-physics inversion using artificial neural network optimized by imperialist competitive algorithm, Journal of Applied Geophysics, 155, 138-148. Go to article
  • Nguyen L. T., Kocur G. K. and Saenger E. H., 2018: Defect mapping in pipes by ultrasonic wavefield cross-correlation: A synthetic verification, Ultrasonics 90, 153-165. Go to article
  • Sell K., Quintal B., Kersten M. and Saenger E. H., 2018. Squirt flow due to interfacial water films in hydrate bearing sediments, Solid Earth, 9, 699-711. Go to article
  • Werner, C and Saenger E. H., 2018. Obtaining reliable source locations with time reverse imaging: limits to array design, velocity models and signal-to-noise ratios, Solid Earth, 9, 1487–1505. Go to article
  • Zhao, Q., Tisato, N., Kovaleva, O., & Grasselli, G., 2018. Direct observation of faulting by means of rotary shear tests under X-ray micro-computed tomography, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Go to article