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Program Minisymposium 2017

Schedule for the day

Time Who
Holger Steeb et al.
(University of Stuttgart)
Direct numerical simulations as a tool in rock physics - current challenges
Samuel Chapman et al.
(University of Lausanne)
Frequency scaling of seismic attenuation in rock samples saturated with two fluid phases
All poster authors Poster overview presentation (3 slides-3 minutes)
Posters + Coffee break
Lucas Pimienta et al.
(ENS Paris)
A new method to measure the compressibility and poroelastic coefficients in porous and permeable rocks
Mateo Acosta et al.
(EPF Lausanne)
An experimental study of the influence of pore water on dynamic rupture processes
Lunch + Posters
Hector Marin-Moreno et al.
(Univ Southampton)
Theoretical modeling insights into elastic wave attenuation mechanisms in marine sediments with pore-filling methane hydrate
Kathleen Sell et al.
(Johannes Gutenberg Univ, Mainz)
Digital lab: Rock physics of sediments hosting gas and water using high-resolution 3D tomography
Marco Favino et al.
(Univ Svizzera Italiana, Lugano)
Numerical simulations of wave-induced fluid flow in porous media
Posters + Apero


Posters will be displayed close to our meeting room. There will be a poster overview before the first coffee break, where all poster authors are asked to quickly present their poster to stimulate the discussions during the poster session.

The poster format should be A0 portrait.

Please contact us if you wish to present a poster.

Author Title
Jürg Hunziker et al.
(University of Lausanne)
Seismic attenuation in stochastic fracture networks
David Uribe et al.
(University of Stuttgart)
Characterization of radial cracks emanating from boreholes using X-Ray computed microtomography
Jan Borgomano et al.
(ENS Paris)
A model for dispersions over the frequency range: Comparison with experimental results on limestones and sandstones
Luan Nguyen et al.
(Ruhr-University Bochum)
Reverse-time imaging based on waveform inverted velocity model for nondestructive testing
Alexey Stovas et al.
(NTNU Trondheim)
Shear waves in acoustic anisotropic media
Maria Osorno et al.
(University of Stuttgart)
Digital Rock Physics: Permeability anisotropy analysis
Hanjun Yin et al.
(ENS Paris)
Pressure and fluid effect on frequency dependent velocities in fully saturated tight sandstone
Melchior Grab et al.
(ETH Zurich)
The effect of boiling on seismic properties of water-saturated fractured rock
Pei-Ju Rita Shih et al.
(ETH Zurich)
Laboratory evidence for Krauklis wave resonance in fractures
Jana Musialak et al.
(Ruhr-University Bochum)
Experimental investigation into the frequency dependence of effective visco-elastic properties of reservoir rocks
Tobias Zahner et al.
(University of Lausanne)
Frequency-dependent attenuation in boreholes in fractured granitic rocks
Thomas Planès et al.
(University of Geneva)
Monitoring earthen dams and levees with ambient seismic noise
Eva Caspari et al.
(University of Lausanne)
Attenuation in fractured porous media – wave propagation modeling and numerical upscaling