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Yury Alkhimenkov



University of Lausanne


Yury Alkhimenkov
University of Lausanne
Istitute of Earth Sciences
Géopolis, office 3347
1015 Lausanne

E-Mail: yury.alkhimenkov - at -

Short CV

Yury Alkhimenkov is a doctoral researcher in the Institute of Earth Sciences - the University of Lausanne. Yury earned his Msc (Cum Laude) at the IDEA League, Joint Master's in Applied Geophysics: TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen University. Previously he studied at the Moscow State University (Bsc and Msc).

Yury’s current research focuses on the study of wave propagation, dispersion and attenuation in porous media. One project is about numerical modeling of squirt flow dispersion and attenuation and validating/modifying analytical solutions. Another project is about developing codes for solving partial differential equations using Matlab, C language and CUDA (GPU) and applying them to poroelastic/coupled elastic and Navier-Stokes equations for porous rocks. During his free time and vacations, Yury sometimes works on Krauklis wave phenomena in fractures and AVO/AVAZ response between viscoelastic layers.

Previously, Yury worked on Marchenko Imaging, redatuming and attenuation of seismic waves at TU Delft as a part of the IDEA League Msc program. Before that, during his studies at Mos-cow State University, he worked on elasticity problems and applied different effective medium theories to porous rocks.


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