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Journal Publications 2016

  • Bakker R.R., Frehner M. and Lupi M., 2016: How temperature-dependent elasticity alters host rock/magmatic reservoir models: A case study on the effects of ice-cap unloading on shallow volcanic systems, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 456, 16–25. Go to article
  • Biryukov A., Tisato N. and Grasselli G., 2016: Attenuation of elastic waves in bentonite and monitoring of radioactive waste repositories, Geophysical Journal International 205(1), 105–121. Go to article
  • Bontognali T. R. R., D'Angeli I. M., Tisato N., Vasconcelos C., Bernasconi S. M., Gonzales E. R. G. and De Waele J., 2016: Mushroom Speleothems: Stromatolites That Formed in the Absence of Phototrophs, Frontiers in Earth Science 4. Go to article
  • Caspari E., Milani M., Rubino J.G., Müller T.M., Quintal B. and Holliger K., 2016: Numerical upscaling of frequency-dependent P- and S-wave moduli in fractured porous media, Geophysical Prospecting 64, 1166–1179. Go to article
  • Chapman S., Tisato N., Quintal B. and Holliger K., 2016: Seismic attenuation in partially saturated Berea sandstone for a range of confining pressures, Journal of Geophysical Research 121, 1664–1676. Go to article
  • Frehner M., 2016: 3D fold growth in transpression, Tectonophysics 693, 183–196. Go to article
  • Frehner M., 2016: Paul Niggli Medal 2015 awarded to Marcel Frehner, Swiss Journal of Geosciences 109, 117–119. Go to article
  • Frehner M. and Schmid T., 2016: Parasitic folds with wrong vergence: How pre-existing asymmetries can be inherited during multilayer buckle folding, Journal of Structural Geology 87, 19–29. Go to article
  • Ghobadi E., Sivanesapillai R., Musialak J. and Steeb H., 2016: Modeling Based Characterization of Thermorheological Properties of Polyurethane ESTANE, International Journal of Polymer Science, Article ID 7514974. Go to article
  • Kocur G.K., Saenger E.H., Grosse C.U. and Vogel T., 2016: Time reverse modeling of acoustic emissions in a reinforced concrete beam, Ultrasonics 65, 96–104. Go to article
  • Kurzeja P., Strutz M. A., Steeb H. and Renner J., 2016: Oscillatory fluid flow in deformable tubes: Implications for pore-scale hydromechanics from comparing experimental observations with theoretical predictions, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140, 4378–4395. Go to article
  • Markauskas D., Kruggel-Emden H., Sivanesapillai R. and Steeb H., 2016: Comparative study on mesh-based and mesh-less coupled CFD-DEM methods to model particle-laden flow, Powder Technology 305, 78-88. Go to article
  • Milani M., Rubino J.G., Müller T.M., Quintal B., Caspari E. and Holliger K., 2016: Representative elementary volumes for evaluating effective seismic properties of heterogeneous poroelastic media, Geophysics 81, D177–D189. Go to article
  • Quintal B., Rubino J.G., Caspari E. and Holliger K., 2016: A simple hydro-mechanical approach for simulating squirt-type flow and evaluating the associated energy dissipation, Geophysics 81, D335–D344. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Lebedev M., Uribe D., Osorno M., Vialle S., Duda M., Iglauer S. and Steeb H., 2016: Analysis of high-resolution X-ray computed tomography images of Bentheim sandstone under elevated confining pressures, Geophysical Prospecting 64, 848–859. Go to article
  • Saenger E.H., Vialle S., Lebedev M., Uribe D., Osorno M., Duda M. and Steeb H., 2016: Digital carbonate rock physics, Solid Earth 7, 1185–1197. Go to article
  • Schüler T., Jänicke R. and Steeb H., 2016: Nonlinear modeling and computational homogenization of asphalt concrete on the basis of XRCT scans, Construction and Building Materials 109, 98–108. Go to article
  • Sell K., Saenger E.H., Falenty A., Chaouachi M., Habenthür D., Enzmann F., Kuhs W.F. and Kersten M., 2016: On the path to the digital rock physics of gas hydrate-bearing sediments - Processing of in situ synchrotron-tomography data, Solid Earth 7,1243–1258. Go to article
  • Shih P.-J.R. and Frehner M., 2016: Laboratory evidence for Krauklis wave resonance in fractures and implications for seismic coda wave analysis, Geophysics 81, T285–T293. Go to article
  • Sivanesapillai R., Falkner N., Hartmeier A. and Steeb H., 2016: Pore-scale SPH study on the evolution of interfacial areas in porous media during primary drainage and imbibition, Advances in Water Resources 95, 212-234. Go to article
  • Sun L. F., Milkereit B. and Tisato N., 2016: Analysis of velocity dispersion using full-waveform multichannel sonic logging data: A case study: Analyzing velocity dispersion, Geophysical Prospecting 64(4), 1016–1029. Go to article