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News Archive of the Rock Physics Network

September 2021: Our team member Benedikt Ahrens will give a presentation about a experimental rock physics study at the "First International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy” (SEG 2021).

September 2021: Our team member Prof. Steeb is giving a short course on "Linear poro-elasticity – From quasi-static consolidation to acoustic waves". Here you will find the details.

August 2021: Currently we are planning the Minisymposium 2022 (Nr. 10!) of the Rock Physics Network. Most probably it will be in Februrary 2022 in France. Come back later for further details ...

May 2021: We just have published some new digital rock physics datasets which you can download: More details.

April 2021: You want to be informed via eMail about the next minisymposium? Register here!

December 2020: ROCKETH is co-organising a Rock Physics Session at EGU 2021 in Vienna, Austria!

Nov 2020: New team members: Marcel Gurris, Ralf Jänicke, Matthias Ruf, Lucas Pimienta and Mirko Siegert

September 2020: Due to Corvid-19 we decided to postpone the 10th Minisymposium of Poroelasticity to 2022. Due to the current circumstances we are not able to organize a fruitful and save meeting in February 2021. We apologize and looking forward to meet you in February 2022!

Deadline for abstracts September, 4th, 2020: We are co-organizing a special issue on "Rock Physics and Geofluid Detection" in "Frontiers in Earth Science".

May 2020: ROCKETH is co-organising a Rock Physics Session at EGU 2020 in Vienna, Austria!

April 2020: Please note our most recent publications in 2020.

February 2020: Please note our upcoming 9th. Minisymposium on Poroelasticity in Lausanne.

December 2019: Please note our most recent publications in 2019.

July 2019: The special section "Hydromechanical phenomena at the pore scale and their upscaling" is now online. Click here for the details.

June 2019: New CV's of team members: Mandy Duda and Leslie Saydak.

Mar 2019: New CV's of team members: Sadegh Karimpouli

Feb 2019: The final program of the 8th Minisymosium can be found here. The group photo is now online. Thanks again to all participants for the fruitful meeting.

Jan 2019: New CV's of team members: Yury Alkhimenkov

Jan 2019: We are advertising a 3-year PhD position in Bochum about coda waves in concrete. Applications will be accepted until 8th Feb. 2019. You have to apply via the online application system in German language. However, German is not mandatory for the project.

Dec 2018: New paper on time reverse modeling by Werner and Saenger. All recent papers are listed here.

Dec 2018: New CV's of team members: Katrin Loeer, Benedikt Ahrens and Martin Balcewicz.

Dec 2018: Please welcome our new team member Michal Kruszewski.

Aug 2018: The former website of the Team is now offline. You will be redirected to our new website.

March 2018: We will edit a special section in Geophysics.