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Matteo Lupi



University of Geneva
Crustal Deformation and Fluid Flow Group


Matteo Lupi
University of Geneva
Reservoir Geology and Sedimentary Basin Analysis Group
Rue des Maraîchers 13
1205 Geneva

Phone: +41 021 692 3563
E-Mail: matteo.lupi - at -

Short CV

In 2010 I have completed my PhD at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, in Edinburgh, U.K., with a thesis on numerical simulations of fluid flow induced seismicity in sedimentary basins off-shore Iceland. Next, I moved to Bonn where I combined seismic methods with borehole data to analyse the effects of passing seismic waves in the East Java basin. In 2012 I obtained an ETH Marie Curie postdoctoral grant that allowed me to expand my knowledge in seismology and obtain 50 seismic stations that I deployed in Chile and in Java. I have recently been awarded with an SNF Ambizione project (unitl 2018) about the role of supra-hydrostatic fluid pressures in reactivating of fault planes. Since July 2015 I am an Assistant Professor, Tenure track at the University of Geneva.


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