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Publications 2020

  • Karimpouli S., Faraji A., Balcewicz M and Saenger E. H., 2020, Computing heterogeneous core sample velocity using Digital Rock Physics: A multiscale approach, Computers & Geosciences, 135 (2), 104378, DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2019.104378. Go to article
  • Nguyen L. T. and Saenger E. H., 2020, Guided ultrasonic wavefield cross-correlation with a curved array for high-resolution plate inspection, Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, gxaa004, Go to article
  • Schepp, L.L., Ahrens, B., Balcewicz, M., Duda, M., Nehler, M., Osorno, M., Uribe, D., Steeb, H., Nigon, B.,; Stöckhert, F., Swanson, D.A., Siegert, M., Gurris, M., Saenger, E.H., 2020, Digital rock physics and laboratory considerations on a high-porosity volcanic rock, Scientific Reports 10, 5840, Go to article or to the related data download