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Martin Balcewicz



Bochum University of Applied Sciences
Ruhr-Universität Bochum


Martin Balcewicz
Bochum University of Applied Sciences
Lennershofstrasse 140
44801 Bochum

E-Mail: martin.balcewicz - at -

Phone: +49 234 32 10716

Short CV

Martin is a research assistant at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in the Reservoir Engineering and Rock Physics research group and a PhD student of the Institute of Geology, Mineralogy and Geophysics at the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB). His supervisor is Prof. Dr. Erik H. Saenger. Focused on structural geology and tectonics, Martin finished the M.Sc. program in Geosciences at the RUB (2019) as well as his B.Sc. (2016).

His main interest is the link between properties of fractured and porous rocks and their scale dependence. Therefore, Martin is combining his knowledge about fault propagation and behaviour in the field with his expertise in laboratory experiments and X-ray computed microtomography.