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Samuel Chapman



University of Lausanne


Samuel Chapman
University of Lausanne
Istitute of Earth Sciences
1015 Lausanne

E-Mail: samuel.chapman38 - at -

Short CV

Sam Chapman’s research investigates the impact of fluids on the mechanical properties of rocks and other porous materials. His focus has been on understanding the fluid related physical processes contributing to the attenuation of seismic waves. With a background in experimental rock physics, Sam is also interested in the development of new experimental methods.

Since completing his PhD at the University of Lausanne in 2017, he has worked at the ETH Zurich Rock Deformation Laboratory and the Laboratoire de Géologie at ENS Paris. His prior education consists of a BA from Boston University, US, and a MSc. from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, which provided him with a broad background in earth sciences.

Sam is currently an Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at Stanford University and ENS Paris.