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Journal Publications 2022

  • Chapman, S., J.V.M. Borgomano, B. Quintal, S. M. Benson and J. Fortin, 2022, Mass transfer between fluids as a mechanism for seismic wave attenuation: experimental evidence from water-CO2 saturated sandstones, Geophysical Journal International, Volume 230, Pages 216–234, Go to article
  • Kadyrova, R., Nurgalieva, D., Saenger, E.H, Balcewicz, M., Minebaeve, R., Statsenkoa, E., Glukhovan, M., Nizamova, A. and Galiullina, B., 2022.Digital rock physics: Defining the reservoir properties on drill cuttings, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Go to article
  • Karimpouli, S., Tahmasebi, P., and Saenger, E.H., 2022. Ultrasonic prediction of crack density using machine learning: A numerical investigation, Geoscience Frontiers, 101277, Go to article
  • Khodaei, P., Karimpouli, S., Balcewicz, M. and Saenger, E.H., 2022. Computing wave velocity of rock sample using rock chips and cuttings, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Go to article
  • Pang, M., Ba, J., Deng, J., Müller, T.M., Saenger, E.H., 2022. Rock-Physics Template Based on Differential Diagenesis for the Characterization of Shale Gas Reservoirs. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Go to article
  • Siegert, M., Gurris, M., Finger, C. and Saenger, E.H., 2022. Numerical determination of pressure-dependent effective thermal conductivity in Berea sandstone. Geophysical Prospecting, Go to article